Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fred Phelps beat his kids till they bled

Why am I suprised this is in the news today?   Yes, you should just read this article for yourself - instead of me giving my own slant on all of this.  *sigh*

Comments welcome, of course.

Blessings friends who help keep families safe from hate!
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  1. Taking this into consideration, its it any wonder that the Phelps clan appear to be so hate-filled and bigoted? This is a group that spreads 'the Word of God' through the obscure fear-inducing verses (what popular author the Rt.Rev. John Shelby Spong calls " the terrible texts") that outline pushment-never once citing the acts of Jesus or a loving Father. Look at the inspiration for their hubris-an abusive paternal figure. Now go figure why they only believe in an angry,vengeful God.~ Kate